Registration & Fees

Online registration 

Registered orienteers now includes start times


Online registration is required for Interscholastic, Intercollegiate, and Open competition.
A WHITE recreational course will be available.  Participants may pay $10 on site (no pre-registration required).

Normal registration rates apply until Feb. 9, 2013.
Late registration rates from Feb. 10 to Feb. 23, 2013 (Late fees apply. See Entry Fees.)
Registration closes on Feb. 23, 2013.

Special registration instructions for Families and Teams:

If you are registering as a family or team, each competitor must be entered one at a time.  Once all competitors are entered, proceed to the checkout where all waivers can be signed online or printed, and the entry fees may be paid.  You may use PayPal or send a check made payable to Possum Trot Orienteering Club.

Teams must be able to prove their eligibility as required by Rules of Competition A.12 

Please provide reliable contact information to be used in case of emergency or problem with registration.

The registration program is a bit tedious, but may be expedited by utilizing your web browser’s memory function.  Typing just the first letter may allow you to Enter or click the desired response.

Open competition (no Team) Classes and Courses

See the OUSA Class Structure.

Interscholastic Classes and Courses

 Class         Desciption Thru Grade Course
 ISVM Varsity Male 12 GREEN
 ISVF Varsity Female 12 BROWN
 ISJVMJunior Varsity Male  12 ORANGE
 ISJVF Junior Varsity Female 12 ORANGE
 ISIM Intermediate Male 9 YELLOW
 ISIF Intermediate Female 9 YELLOW
 ISPM Primary Male 6 WHITE
 ISPF Primary Female 6 WHITE

Interscholastic teams:

Varsity teams consist of 3 to 5 students competing in the ISVM and/or ISVF classes.

Junior varsity teams consist of 3 to 5 students competing in the ISJVM and/or ISJVF classes.

Intermediate teams consist of 3 to 5 students competing in the ISIM and/or ISIF classes.

Primary teams consist of 3 to 5 students competing in the ISPM and/or ISPF classes.

See the eligibility rules (A36.2.2) for the makeup of SCHOOL, CLUB, AND JROTC teams.

Intercollegiate Classes and Courses

 Class Description Course
 ICVM Varsity Male RED
 ICVF Varsity Female GREEN
 ICJVM Junior Varsity Male ORANGE
 ICJVF Junior Varsity Female ORANGE

See the eligibility rules (A35.2.2) for makeup of Intercollegiate Teams.

Entry Fees

  Adult (21 & older) Junior (20 & younger)
 Before Feb 9, 2013
 $35/day $15/day
 Feb 10 to Feb 23, 2013 $45/day $20/day
 OUSA/IOF discount $4/day $2/day

Other fees:

T-shirts (technical (100% polyester) short-sleeve racing shirt):
See (Pacifica Sportwear) for a detailed description and sizing information.

Most sizes        $15
XXL and XXXL    $17

T shirt design:

Preview and model maps:

Shawnee Mission Park (will be mailed if ordered before Feb 15, 2013)        $5
Model map (pick up at model event site)                                                     $3

Contact registrar, Dick Neuburger:

Mail checks and waivers to:

Richard Neuburger
12114 W 101st St
Lenexa, KS 66215