Important Stuff

1. The Orange X course and the Green X course will have forking.  Each fork will visit the same controls, but in a different order. Competitors may visit the same control twice, as part of the forking scheme (for instance control #212 may be your 5th and 11th control).  All other courses will be the standard point to point format.
2. Daylight savings time begins this weekend.  Be sure to move your clocks FORWARD one hour on Saturday night.

3. Water stops will be place up to 3 km apart (instead of the usual 2.5 km) due to the 3 m contour interval.

4. OUSA has added a new rule to the Interscholastic and Intercollegiate competition that is effective at this event.  The new rule states:
A.32.10: Competitors at team events(relay, interscholastic, etc.) for whom the preponderance of evidence shows that they have intentionally broken these Rules to gain a competitive advantage may have their entire team disqualified from the event by the organizers or, in response to a protest, by the jury.
5. The classes have been assigned to different X/Y courses than usual. Please double check your course.

2013 isic champs course class structure