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Course Maps:

Day One                    Day Two

White                        White

Yellow                        Yellow

Orange X 1                Orange X 1

Orange X 2                Orange X 2

Orange Y                    Orange Y

Brown                        Brown

Green X 1                   Green X 1

Green X 2                    Green X 2

Green Y                        Green Y

Red                              Red

Blue                                  Blue

Map:  1:10,000 scale, 3 m contours. New map field checked in 2012-2013.

Sample from older version of the map:

Courses: standard point-to-point courses. Controls must be visited in numerical order. Winners are determined by combining the times from both days of competition.


Important exception to the usual courses: Only the Orange X course and the Green X course will have forking. Each fork will visit the same controls, but in a different order. Competitors may visit the same control twice, as part of the forking scheme.

Class assignments: please check the X/Y assignments carefully, since they are different than normal.

2013 isic champs course class structure

Course length and climb:

is - ic distance and climb 2-22